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Arcos Spa believes that it is just not enough to possess the ability to design and manufacture products that fit and perform well. You should be aware of the micro-environment in which you have just placed your body, the place where "flesh meets fiber". The fact that your garments feel comfortable and appear to perform is part of the equation, but the real performance criteria should be based upon how your entire body, skin and metabolism react once it is in motion and being tested by you and the elements. Arcos Spa has partnered with prestigious fiber companies to support our continuous pursuit of thermal technology. Through joint efforts and shared technology, Arcos Spa developed several proprietary fibers that are key to our pursuit of functional sport specific products. We have made great strides in our quest for the perfect fiber for an active body environment, but our job is never done. As you challenge your body to new levels of performance and efficiency, so must we charge our engineers, chemists and research associates to seek the most innovative, best performing, most comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly performance fibers available.


The use of silver as an anti-bacterial and healing agent goes back to ancient Greece. Long before modern pharmaceuticals, it was even used as an antibiotic and germicide. Understanding that polypropylene is recognized as a verygood wicking fiber, Arcos Spa developed a patented fiber,adding silver ions in the manufacturing process, creating Silver DryStat®. Because silver ions are built right into the core of the fiber, they inhibit the growth of bacteria and moulds reducing unpleasant smells and keeping biological skin balance during athletic activities. As we know, body temperature is crucial for comfort during physical activity, therefore, Silver DryStat® becomes fundamental due to its extraordinary insulating powers. The water absorption index in Silver DryStat® is almost nil, it has a low conductivity and moisture is kept away from the skin. So, if you are climbing the Himalayas, running a marathon or walking in the park wearing Silver DryStat® socks, then you are assured a perfect equilibrium between temperature and relative humidity even in the most extreme weather conditions.Manufactured by Arcos Spa, an Italian-based company, Silver DryStat® can withstand harsh weather conditions, sun, sweat and humitidy. In addition, it is 100% recyclable and does not pollute the enviroment.

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