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About Arcos Spa

Arcos Spa is a dynamic italian producer of wear, underwear, socks and accessories for all kinds of sports, work, leisure, fashion, and healthcare. Committed to perfection in the choice of appropriate technology and made of the most advanced materials, Arcos Spa is the unrivalled manufacturer of graduated compression socks, technical socks and underwear for men, women and children.

Experience the benefit and the joy of wearing Arcos socks in everyday life, on the airplane, on the ship, while driving and working. Experience the feeling of freshness when wearing Arcos technical clothing and underwear while training, trekking, biking, running marathons (the fibres used are the "state of art" for the protection from external bacterial agents). Sense the feeling of protection against the outer environment when practicing extreme sports.


Socks, underwear and clothing by Arcos will take you to the enchanting world of "feetness", with the luxury of the "Made in Italy" creative skill combined to the technology of tomorrow.

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